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Hanging Wind Spinner Cord Instructions


Hanging Wind Spinner Cord 1 1. Remove the top ring by slightly twisting it at the split. Open it just enough to remove it from the cone.
Hanging Wind Spinner Cord 2

2. Push the cord up through the cone to expose the end of the cord.

3. Clip the cord to the desired length, leaving a little extra to tie a knot (about ½ inch).

4. Put a new crimp tube on the cord and slid it down several inches.

Hanging Wind Spinner Cord 3

5. Tie a new knot at the end of the cord.  Leave about ¼ inch of cord past the knot.

6. Slide the crimp tube up to the knot.

Hanging Wind Spinner Cord 4

7. Squeeze the crimp tube near the knot with a pair of needle nose pliers.  Don’t squeeze too hard.  Squeeze just enough so that the crimp tube will stay put on the cord. Don’t squeeze hard enough to crush the cord or it may weaken it and cause it to break.


Hanging Wind Spinner Cord 5

8. Slide the cone over the crimp tube.  Gently tug on the cord to insure the crimp tube is seated in the cone. 

9. Replace the top ring.